Annulé / Cancelled

For Information additional local rule:

  • 30 participants maximum
  • The following rules of the FAI Sporting Code Section 4, Aeromodelling, Volume F3 Radio Control Soaring Model Aircraft, 2022 Edition, Part Five, 5.G. Class F3G, page 45 ff SC4_Vol_F3_Soaring_22 (fai.org) will not be applied:

5.G.1.2 – “Maximum “Average Input power 800 W” will not be applied
5.G.1.3.j – The “average power” does not be presented on the display or recorded
5.G.1.3.l – “If the “average power” exceeds 800 W there is a penalty of two (2) point / one (1) Watt.” will not be applied